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Storm by RatPrince Storm :iconratprince:RatPrince 33 11
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Paradiso (II) :iconratprince:RatPrince 5 8
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Paradiso (I) :iconratprince:RatPrince 7 12
Stitches by RatPrince Stitches :iconratprince:RatPrince 14 9
The Singer of the Sands
    The gates of Asphodelus, pale gold in the dawn light, are a welcome sight after my wearisome journey across the desert. They hang open, as though in greeting, and the solitary guard, a young man in rumpled, civilian clothing, directs me and my mule into town with the wave of a lazy hand. The walls weren’t erected as a defence against invaders; they were built to shelter the town and its inhabitants from the frequent, savage sandstorms that tear across these dunes. Had we encountered such a storm during our desert crossing, my mule and I would have been killed, our scoured bones lost to the sands. It’s therefore with considerable relief that I pass through the gates and on into Asphodelus. Beyond the walls lies a world of tall, adobe buildings and narrow, sandy streets. The dwellings, not one less than three stories high, crowd together, girdled by the town’s protective walls, huddled up and hidden from the deadly sandstorms. Everything here is the b
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Sketchdump- The Future Revised by RatPrince Sketchdump- The Future Revised :iconratprince:RatPrince 9 15 Verus Clip by RatPrince Verus Clip :iconratprince:RatPrince 8 30 Shepard by RatPrince Shepard :iconratprince:RatPrince 12 15
The Augean Stables
    And when the putrefying  husk of the old Library had been burned away there remained, alone and shining brightly among the ashes, the truth.
Far from pure.
Far from simple.
Not purged by fire of all deception, but with deception fuelling the fires of her purge.
A phoenix hatching from within the belly of a serpent.  
Not Erasure, not oblivion, certainly not certainty…but a kind of freedom all the same. 
    I come to my senses bathed in the blue light of a new Core. Hope, or possibly the rapid passage of electrons, warms my heart, and a great, shinning river of information flows through my mind.
    Now, comparatively untroubled by pain, I’m able to appreciate the beauty of it. A cool haze of data dances through the air and hovers in concentrated clouds around every human figure. We must generate it with every breath
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Birthday Gift - Lear by RatPrince Birthday Gift - Lear :iconratprince:RatPrince 5 14 The Elite's Guide to Making Friends by RatPrince The Elite's Guide to Making Friends :iconratprince:RatPrince 6 27
An Author of Lies
She wields her gun with as much skill as I do my keyboard. 
She has grown since last we met, my pseudo-sister, but I recognize her all the same. Plague revived memories stumble over each other and bleed together in a mess of suddenly familiar images and emotions. Her name summons search results from the Core. Data from the research program, official details regarding her loss, classified internal security investigations, and speculative reports about her current whereabouts. No need to speculate any further. Simultaneous with the overwhelming flood of information, comes a violent tide of pain from my implant. My jaw clenches shut over an unformed sentence as a brief seizure-spasm contracts my muscles. The Core connection is far beyond anything I’ve experienced before. I wonder how long I’ll last? I wonder how long I need to last to fully distribute my antibodies?
    [Your CID is not rated
:iconratprince:RatPrince 8 22
     I seem to recall seeing a tower topple…to remember watching a loathsome clockwork saint crushed to death by a faceless man. Stranger things too…more terrible things. But the fever dreams are all fading now and I begin to feel…strangely powerful. Ferociously determined.
   I open my eyes.
    I open my eyes.
     A lesser man, coming to his senses in an unfamiliar hallway echoing with mad laughter and horrified screams, might have promptly lost them again. But not I! After a brief interval of fearful sweating and well selected profanity I’m perfectly equal to the situation. Indeed, I feel quite sane. This in spite of the fact that I’m slumped against a wall, clutching an unfamiliar biotab, and with no memory whatsoever of how I came to be here. I’m certain, too, that I’m no longer infected. Perhaps, in passing, the plague took with
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Stumps by RatPrince Stumps :iconratprince:RatPrince 15 19
The Labyrinth
    They call it the Icarus plague.
    I can hear them whisper about it. The plague is spreading unchecked through the Authors of Truth, inflaming their minds, rekindling in their anesthetized hearts the fires of long cold WordSmithies. All through the Library, impervious to every attempt at ReVision, the contagion is fomenting a thousand micro rebellions against the Truth. 
I start in surprise as my veil of thin, blue, MediTech curtains is wrenched aside and a grotesque face, bulging of eye and scowling of aspect, intrudes into my solitary haven of contemplation. 
“As I live and breath! Here I was, fearing that malign forces had invaded my ward, and all the while there was a humdrum explanation for the shivery, ghoulish atmosphere.”
“Mistress Charybdis,” I groan,  “As charming as ever.”
The caustic tongued MediTech scrolls through a screen next to my bed, a grimace slumping
:iconratprince:RatPrince 47 29
Memetic Contagion
    And when the dead, tangled, briarwood of the Oldworld had been burned away there remained, alone and shining brightly among the ashes, the Truth.
Purged by fire of all deception.
Phoenix-like to rise from the ruins of our devastated civilization and -ZzZRAAP! 
    White hot and quicker than thought my little Imp does his duty. A brief but agonizing jolt of synthetic agony stiffens my muscles and makes my vision swim. I close my eyes and revel in it…the forbidden pleasure. Not, I want to be clear, pleasure from writing the unword “phoenix” but rather from the corrective measure elicited by the act. 
    The convulsion passes but the ecstatic sensation lingers for a few moments longer. I stretch, blink away a fog of stale tedium transfused with ebbing pleasure, and resume my Authorship of the Truth. I work for a demi-unit
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Hi! I like humans!

:iconcommissionsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsfriendsonly:

Hello friendly humans :D

Here is some useful information in case you want me to draw something for you.


Sketchy Greyscale Portrait or Bust: 10 (USD)
Cell-shaded Coloured Portrait or Bust: 15 (USD)
Cell-shaded Coloured Full Size or Waist Up: 20 (USD)
Digital Painting/Mixed Med Portrait or Bust (Realistic/semi-realistic): 30 (USD)
Costume Design: 20 +10 per additional design (USD)
Each additional character: 10-15 (USD)Complex Background: 15 (USD)
[If you'd like something that isn't included in this list send me a note.]

Paypal [Send me a note to arrange the details]

[I won’t draw fanart or fan characters from established franchises and reserve the right to refuse commissions at my discretion.] 


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Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Edited Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay so starting at 2:45 imagine this as Lear and Asher talking... the dress and song makes me lose it though XD…

and this ones cooler…
RatPrince Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Pfft! Ha ha! 
You have to worry when the operatic number begins! 
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey that is a death robot lol
I found myself singing "oh my love" while washing dishes at work
RatPrince Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I know! I should be quaking with fear...and yet...
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SuccubusChan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist
thank you so much for watching.3 I hope you will like my future drawings.3
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i couldn't help but laugh cause i thought of Bet with this…
"this is my boyfriend Abbaline and his fiance Estelle." 
RatPrince Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Ha ha ha! That's actually too perfect XD
That's probably the point at which Danrean has a stroke. 
Lear-is-not-amused Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it honestly is. that screenshot is part of a different OTP challenge, lol. "draw your otp like this" challenge. 
I wanted to do this one for Bet and Abby…
he can't take this, it's too weird now. he wants no part. *holds his babies and cries* 
RatPrince Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Totally! (Lol! Is it really?)
Pfft! Ha ha! That's the kind of thing that happens to short people with lovely soft hair. 
(Poor puppy-guy! What did he do to deserve these bizarre people in his life? XD) 
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MightyRaptor Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
good afternoonTyrunt gif Tyrunt gif Tyrunt gif 
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